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Nepenthes (Pitcher Plants), Sarracenia (North American Pitcher Plants), Drosera (Sundews),  Dionaea (Venus Flytraps), Pinguicula (Butterworts) Carnivorous Plants For Sale.

Brads Greenhouse Carnivorous Plant Sales Canada, So many Carnivorous Plants for sale! Specializing in Nepenthes Pitcher Plants, Sarracenia Pitcher Plants, Venus Flytraps (Dionaea), Sundews (Drosera) , Butterworts (Pinguicula), Heliamphora, Cephalotus, Utricularia, Darlingtonia & more!  We are Canada's source for Borneo Exotics Nepenthes! Nepenthes are amazing and rewarding plants to grow, In a Greenhouse, in an Terrarium or on the windowsill, there is something for everyone. It is fascinating to watch each new pitcher develop with more details and size than the previous one, as no two species or hybrids look alike. Some grow large, others stay small, some are easy to grow and other take a bit more specific care. Do some research to see which ones will work for your grow space! We are Happy to be working with Borneo Exotics to provide you with the best Nepenthes possible. 


HIGHLAND = Plants that grow above 1000m and typically live high in the mountains and have warm days and chiller nights than lowland plants, room temperature is a little warm for these guys at night.

LOWLAND = Plants that grow below 1000m and typically live in or near steamy jungles. They have hot days and warm nights, room temperature at night works great for these guys!

SG = Seed Grown, these plants can be variable between each other, no two exactly the same and even the rare chance of a hybrid.

TC = Tissue Culture plants are produced in a laboratory from sterilized tissue, they normally are consistent and all end up being the same looking plant.

Clone = Tissue Culture plants are produced in a laboratory from sterilized tissue, they normally are consistent and all end up being the same looking plant.

RC = Rooted Cutting; are cuttings taken from mature plants and if done correctly root after about six months. These produce larger and mature plants much faster. Supply of rooted cuttings is very limited.

WYSIWYG = Stands for "What you see is what you get" This is shown when buying an exact plant that is maybe rare or expensive. This gives you peace of mind when purchasing an expensive item as the description will say something similar to " the exact plant in the second photo".

Nepenthes Sizes Leaf tip to Leaf tip

Size X-Small = is defined as under 5cm

Size Small = For Borneo Exotics plants small is defined as 5cm - 9cm (see size chart under Shipping info)

Size Medium = For Borneo Exotics Plants medium is defined as 10cm - 15 cm (see size chart under Shipping info)

Size Large = 15cm+

Let Me be your Canadian source for Carnivorous Plants! If you have seen my Nepenthes you will know they are healthy and happy. If you haven't seen them, well check them out! .Highland Greenhouse conditions are RH 85%+, Days 78F, Nights 52F+. Lowland Greenhouse Conditions are 85%+ RH, 85F Days and 72F night with IPM for both. Shipping from British Columbia, Canada.

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Canada’s source for Carnivorous Plants for sale. We Lovingly Produce all Sarracenia, Flytraps, Pinguicula, Cephalotus, Cobra Lily’s, Sundews and more at our Nursery. We are also Canada’s best source imported Nepenthes, we have a massive Inventory of Greenhouse grown Pitcher Plants. 

Check me out on Youtube at YouTube/Bradsgreenhouse , Instagram@ BradsGreenhouse or Find me on Facebook at Facebook/Bradsgreenhouse.

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